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Setting Up a #Code is Fast & Easy

To reserve your territory, we require a one-month security deposit payment. Once an agreement is signed, setup takes three days.

Please complete and submit the below form. A sales representative will contact you to answer your questions about our #codes.

Please identify the territory and keyword(s) in your form submission so we can let you know ASAP if your selections are available. Many are already licensed; we will update this page with unavailable States

#Easy Pricing

To calculate pricing, divide the size of the population of your selected territory by one million. The population of a territory is determined by referencing the latest census statistics provided at

Multiply that figure by $100.00.


If the population of your territory is 2,000,000

2,000,000 / 1,000,000 = 2

2 x $100 = $200 is the Monthly Fee.

  • The minimum territory size is an entire State, except CA, FL, NY, and TX. We license portions of these large States in some circumstances.

  • Once your monthly fee is set, it NEVER increases. The monthly payment remains the same as long as you keep your code.

  • Pricing is subject to change as we license more territories, therefore we recommend that you license your territory as soon as possible.

  • Licenses renew annually at the option of the Licensee; the Licensor can only terminate a permit for cause.

  • The Licensee may sub-license and assign their territory, subject to the Licensor's approval. Any profit from the sub-license and assignment will be the property of the Licensee.

  • A free seat at our IVR / Lead Management CRM System


Click Above for Your Territory's Population

Click for State Populations
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