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To reserve your territory a one-month security deposit payment is required.  Once an agreement is signed, we will have your #code turned on within 3-5 working days.


Please complete and submit the below form.  A sales representative will contact you to answer all of your questions about our #codes.


Please identify the territory and keyword(s) in your form submission, so that we can let you know ASAP if your selections are available.  Many States are already licensed, we will update this page with unavailable States shortly


To calculate pricing, simply divide the size of the population of your selected territory by one million.  The population of a territory is determined by referencing the latest census statistics provided at

Multiply that figure by $100.00.

That calculation gives you the monthly cost to license this #code.  Price reflects per keyword cost.

For example, Massachusetts has a population of approximately 6,900,000. 

Divide 6,900,000 by 1,000,000 = 6.9.

6.9 x $100 = $690.00 per month to license the State of Massachusetts.

  • Note, the minimum size of a territory is 2,000,000 people (with the exception of States that have a population smaller than 2,000,000. 


  • Pricing is subject to change as more territories are licensed, therefore we recommend that you license your territory as soon as possible.


  • Pricing does NOT increase.  The price you pay remains the same for as long as you license your code.


  • The licensee has the right to renew their license on an annual basis and the licensor can only terminate for cause or due to factors beyond the licensor's control (such as a change with one or more of the wireless carriers' ability to continue provisioning this #code.)

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