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Where better than Florida in December?

The key State of Florida has been licensed as #4Law continues marching across the United States.

As each State is licensed, the value of the #4Law brand continues to grow to the benefit of all licensees and "soon to be icensees."

If you're considering licensing #4Law, the time to do so is now, before one of your competitors does and before pricing increases early next year.

If you lock in before the end of the new year, our 10% permanent discount will apply. Don't worry if you're not ready to begin your advertising with #4Law yet. We allow our licensees to sign up and then put together their advertising campaign before we begin charging license fees.

#4Law is not just a great advertising tool, it is also an investment. Your lcense fee will never increase. Therefore as your license increases in value, your firm and fellow licensees will benefit from the increase.

When #4Law is a branded name that is known countywide, we'll know that the #4Law project was a success.



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