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What are Pound Codes?

Pound Codes are abbreviated toll-free numbers that start with a "#" followed by 3-5 numbers. Usually, the digits in a #code spell a word or an acronym. Words or acronyms are created using letters corresponding to numbers on a phone keypad, like a vanity toll-free number; for example, #4529 spells #4Law.

#Codes are coveted marketing tools because of their limited supply, brand-ability, superiority over vanity toll-free numbers, and effectiveness when used in conjunction with a lead generation program.

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#4Law - #4529 Deposit$100
#4help - #44357 Deposit$100
#Easy - #3279 Deposit$100
#SSDI -#7734 Deposit$100
MobileLawUSA Deposit$100
TextMeLawyer Deposit$100
Vanity Number Research Deposit$50
Domain Name Research Deposit$50
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