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Toll-Free Numbers Were Great... 40 Years Ago

Toll-free numbers had their day. But it's been 50 years since a noteworthy vanity toll-free number has been available. All of the good ones are gone or too expensive to buy.


#Codes are like those great, old vanity numbers like  800.Flowers, 800.Mattrres(s) "leave" the 's' of" for savings, and 800.The.Card. However, consumers aren't interested in memorizing toll-free numbers anymore.

Beat Your Competition to the Punch and Call Us Today

With so few #codes in the marketplace, there is no better way for a savvy business to move light years ahead of your competitors than to license a #code because businesses that move to license one or more of our # codes will celebrate their decision much like the pioneer (and fortunate) businesses that reserved the first vanity toll-free numbers and dotcom domain names.

Don’t kick yourself for having had the chance to license a #code and then let it pass you by.  Act and reap the rewards and perks of being early licensees.

Not Just the Best Adjunct Marketing Tool, Our #Codes are Investments

Unlike a licensed vanity toll-free number business, we allow our licensees to enjoy the value they add to their licensed #code through their advertising efforts.  Our agreements include unlimited annual renewals for licensees.  AND we allow our licensees to sub-license or even assign their right to license to acceptable businesses with the profit from the increased value of the #code we shared with the original licensees.​

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