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Tens of thousands of businesses use vanity toll-free numbers as part of their marketing and advertising programs.  But only a few businesses have access to the small pool of HashtagCodes that are available in the marketplace.

Providing your customers or clients with the ability to call your office by dialing an easy to remember, unique Hashtagcode will put you light years ahead of your competitors.  

Hashtagcodes allow consumers to call businesses by dialing an abbreviated vanity toll-free phone number, such as #EASY - #3279 from their cell phones.  Consumers dial our easy to remember Hashtagcodes and their calls ring through to a designated and dedicated phone number, just like a toll-free number.


Hashtagcodes are very much like vanity toll-free numbers, however (1) they only work on cell phones, and (2) unlike vanity toll-free numbers used by businesses, there are only a handful of Hashtagcodes available in the marketplace.  


But Hashtagcodes are not just another vanity toll-free phone number.  They are the newest,

most exciting marketing tool available to businesses in the marketplace today.  

As Hashtagcodes grow in popularity, they will expand into many areas of business and our easy to remember codes will become a one-stop resource for consumers nationwide.  Each code will develop its own unique brand as they are advertised across multiple advertising platforms.


Hashtagcodes are far more advanced than vanity toll-free numbers because they are for use on cell phones and will be much more in demand than vanity numbers, as there can be only a few HashtagCodes on the market.


If you would like to learn more about this ground floor opportunity, please give me a call at:


(877) 427-4824, Ext.175, or email to:​

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