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Each Hashtag Dialing Code is Designated to One 
Major Area of Lawyer Specialization


Call one of our Hashtag Dialing Codes to reach one of our Hashtagcode Lawyers that specializes in the area of law for which you need assistance.

The Hashtag Code Lawyer provides legal assistance in the areas of law that are listed below.  As we continue to grow, we hope to add lawyers from additional areas of law to our team.

Our mission is to assist people in need of a lawyer from all fifty (50) States by making it easy to connect an area of law with a Hashtag Dialing Code phone number.

We continue to expand our reach by constantly working towards adding new members to the Hashtag Code Lawyer branded service.

Click of the #code that interests you.

Click on a #code to learn about pricing and availability.

Abbreviated Toll Free Numbers for Use on 300,000,000 Cell Phones Nationwide


Have a personal injury case?  Call #4529.


Hire a OUI/DUI Attorney. Call #546.


Have a Social Security disability case?  Call #7734.


Looking for a Pro Bono Lawyer?  Call #44357.


Need a Bankruptcy lawyer? Call #3279.


Injured by a product? Call #2273.

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