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There is No Greater Technological Innovation than that of the Telephone Industry

Think about the changes and growth in all aspects of life spawned by the invention of the phone.  Over the past few years phones and communication has been changing more rapidly than any other time in history.  The ability for co-workers to be sitting in an office in any country on earth and have their call transferred to the extension of a co-worker on the other side of the planet, as if she was sitting a few offices away in the same building is dazzling.

The advances in cell phone technology cannot possibly be overstated.  We could not do this topic justice on one page of a website.  Fortunately that is not the purpose of this page.  Rather our purpose s to thank Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile for their wonderful contribution to consumer based technology with the advent of the #code.  #Codes provide consumers with an easy and safe way to communicate with local and national businesses.  These easy to memorize names permit consumers to avoid the now seemingly unavoidable search engine visit to find the business that they are looking for.  Every search results in more personal data being consumed by search engines for sale to hudreds, if not thousands of companies, who gleefully suck up and add to their growing portfolios about each and everyone of us.

With #codes and **codes, consumers now have a better, easier to use alternative to than the search engine and we're proud to be able to provide this option to consumers through our Shared #Codes Program.

We know that our Share #Code Program would not exist but for the billions of dollars invested by the wireless carriers into R and D.  That is why we take our obligation to make #codes as affordable as possible for business as we can, so that both businesses and consumers can reap the benefits of the invention of the #code.

Thank you once again to those who have worked tirelessly to invent all of the inner workings of wireless networks that very few people understand and perhaps take for granted, because they work so seamlessly and flawlessly.

Thank you!

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